Monday, September 17, 2012

Kapal Haji Dalam Kenangan (Hajj Ship in Memories)

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody,
Today I want to share with you a book that I've finished up last a couple of month. I was recommended by a friend. This book is also a good one, of course i only read good books! Hahaha... 
OK, this book is in Malay language specifically written in Northern Malaysia dialect. And the phrases used were very simple. And the author is Mr Yahaya Awang. He told us his experiences going Hajj to Mecca by boarding a ship.  It was really a experimental and sentimental experience i would say. We can learn a lot by reading this book. I can see Mr Yahaya is a positive person. 
The way he wrote his experiences on board with many pilgrimage participant is like we were with him throughout the journey. There were happy and lively moments while some were sad. Well, that's life. Plus a muslim is not categorize as a mukmin or true believer until he or she being test by Allah. He is the All Knowing and Almighty. I had came across to a statement before that when Acheh being ruined by tsunami, it meant that God had punished the Muslim there. The statement might be right and could be wrong too. It could be God want to test His believers there and Muslim all over the world. Why i say that, it is because to enter Paradis, there sure is price to pay. So Muslim will be tested because Allah loves us. Talk no more, so here is the book in case you are looking for it :)

p/s: I'll elaborate more if there is request hehe :)

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