Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Extinction of Life Important Things: Love and Respect

Lately, we've been hearing or watching a lot of wars going on around the globe, i wonder who directs the war, how can each war happens to be a war? Why people can argue till it become a war? What was the matters? These questions keep ringing in my head. These days forgiveness and respect has been lost along the years. How can that be?

I heard on the radio this morning in motivational slot about respect. During Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. time, there was a day the Prophet was playing around with kids, came a man said to Rasulullah that he had 8 children but he never play or even hug them. Rasulullah s.a.w. then said, "whoever doesn't respect/love others will not get respected/loved". It is true. How can you get respect from others if you don't respect others? Be it from younger generation or subordinates or elders. We always heard a phrase that elders don't gain respect from youngsters? But did elders respect or love youngsters? Haven't you heard a phrase say that elders to be respected and youngsters to be loved? To achieve that in reality the person who wants to receive whatever he/she wants have to give first. The elders always think that they were born earlier than the youngsters so they had eat-the-salt earlier, means that the had experienced life earlier than the youngster.
The ustaz of the slot said, the elders/youngsters should change their perspectives to a more positive way like, the elders were born earlier so they're more sinner than the youngsters, while the youngsters are the latest generation so their sins are lesser than the elders. And the youngsters should respect the elders because the elders had more experiences than them. I mean in the old days when don't hear this kind of news like a son stabs his dad for getting him angry, or somebody shoot somebody after an arguments whatsoever. Only gangsters do that. That only happens in a movie or in western country where pistol/gun can be purchased easily. But to Asian culture we barely heard that kind of news last time.

It was so sad to hear killings everywhere in the world. Killing people is like normal thing happen everyday when it should be abnormal.  We save animals but we kill people! I don't mean that we can kill animals but we treat human being like an animal.

For me this thing happen because we are lacking of love and respect. We interact more with gadgets, tv, laptops, computers etc... and we become heartless and no manners. I would say this goes to both parties elders and youngsters. This generation wouldn't now about technology if old generation didn't invent it. But we still need technology. I mean technology is good but lacking humanity due to technology is not good. So we got to give and take. Elders have to change positively and love the young ones while youngsters have to start respect the elders. Oh one more thing, elders stop your angers towards youngsters and the feeling that you are perfect in every way due to you old ages. You may have to learn something new from the youngsters. And youngsters, there are times when the elders are ahead of you even in technology so respect them. If not because of them you will not be having all this new technologies today.

The key words of the day are LOVE and RESPECT. If you don't GIVE you will not GET.

So, that's my nag for today :-) thanks for stopping by!