Friday, July 20, 2012

A relationship...

Last 2 years our family received a girl from Belgium for our second assigment of student exchange. We accepted her with an open arm. We do have this thought that European people normally is very arrogant especially towards Asian. Our thought that was because they have higher currency than us. Obviously Daphné Dewitte, who i proudly declared my sister even though we are from different races, cultures and background had changed it all. Her mom, Hilde Tertooy also did involve in this picture to change our shallow minded thought. Daphne's coming to Malaysia also had opened up her family's horizon and thought too. Her dad Mr Piet is also an open minded person. We did chat a couple of time on Facebook. They are all very generous. They sent us chocolate from Belgium since Daphné's return to Belgium. We are honored to be part of your extended familied. I would say Hilde did raise Daphne to be a beautiful daughter in and out. I reserved my comments later, to you i presented my beloved Belgique sister, Daphné *clap! clap!*  

A Souvenir with Prof Tariq Ramadan in Malaysia

On 14th and 16th of July 2012 I was blessed and given a chance to meet Prof. Tariq Ramadan during his visit to Malaysia. I was a little bit busy lately and didn't check his website much, so I am not aware of his coming to Malaysia. But luckily my friend told me that she'd bought me a ticket to Prof's talk in IIUM on the 16th. She knew I am quite a fan of Prof Tariq's work and lecture.

Tribute of Muhammad Asad

First time I met him was last 2 years ago in 2009. At that time, I knew the info that he was coming from the Prof himself through FB. Never thought that I'll get a chance to chat with him but I did. JazakAllahu khairan. He was here back then to present his work on Tribute Muhammad Asad at Securities Commision, Mont Kiara. It was organized by ISlamic Renaissance Front. I didn't know who he was till I listened to the lecture presented by Prof Kamal Hassan, Prof Tariq and our ex-PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Tun M wanted to be in the audience but organizer wanted him to be on stage too. I remembered that incident because Tun M suppossedly sat in front of me hehe... You can find the lecture here: . It was a good lecture, you should watch it.

I am about to paste the link for Post-Islamist Revolution too but I couldn't find the video in YouTube. I have recorded his speech but to write them would be time-consuming. I'll post them up in my next entry. 

Next is Prof Tariq lecture of In the Footstep of the Prophet: How Should Muslim COntribute to The World at CAC hall IIUM. It was a memorable one because i got to meet Prof face to face! He signed on the book he'd given me during Ramadan last 2 years, Mon Intime Conviction. JazakAllahu khairan. I attach you the photos I've taken during the event. Prof Tariq also had a book he wrote with almost the same title: 

In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons from the Life of Muhammad. You can get it at or bookstores near you. He also had new book launched at Kinokuniya KLCC on 15th July 2012 title The Arab Awakening which already available in since April 2012. While coming soon is ISlam and The Arab Awakening in October 2012. Check it out!

Oh! You can watch him here at:


At ISTAC, Jalan Duta

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ma Cuisine

Tonight, i am craving l'oeuf de ratatouille. So i decided to try this new recipe. Am not gonna tell you how but i would say it is very tasty! Yummy! Burppp... oppsa daisy! Haha...