Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nurul Iman

Today 14th Muharam 1434H, i wear my favorite jubah to work because i have date with my favorite intelectual, Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al Bakri :) I decided to increase my iman because last friday i met up with my good friend at masjid Muadz Bin Jabal. We were there to listen to Habib Ali Zainal Abidin. Thanks to my friend Saiful Amir who introduced me to this masjid. I was so happy to see my friend's transformation to be a better person :) I accidentally saw him doing his prayer and it almost drawn me to tears. Actually he introduced me to a lot of unique and weird thinking. In silence we understand each others well. I guess that's an art-way of communication, silence haha. Moreover with this new media social coming in, we laugh in our brain, we talk in our heart haha you see no words coming out from your mouths. Creepy cyber world. Anyway, Alhamdulillah i am thankful to God for blessing me with all these beautiful talented people.

Oh, to continue with my supposed entry hehe.. Habib Ali is my another favorite ulama. I knew both role model of mine from radio. I love Dr Zulkifli because he practise what he preached. You can see them from their appearances, akhlaks (attitude) and the way they carry themselves. Both always exceed my expectation when they answered any questions and very humble too. SubhanAllah. Habib in arabic means someone who is knowledgeable or literally means lover. He is in love with knowledge. Both are! I would love to be like them too =)

That's all for now. Am actually a little sleepy just now so while doing my work, i divert myself and write new entry haha.. NOw I am awake after some Dhuha sprinkling wuduk. I'll update later after Isyak probably at the masjid. Later!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talking to nature

I ignore nature for quite a while now. Today somehow i feel like interacting with them again. I was so busy with human and world lately. Shame on me. Last time when i connected to nature i was closer to God more than i know. I was back on track, and free from worldly hassle. Then i am lost again. I understand God is testing due to there's a price to pay to enter His Jannah.

The weather is a little gloomy this evening as i walk to a shop to buy spaghetti sauce. I decided to continue walking and hear the wind and do zikr with the trees. Along the way i passed by shops, restaurants, houses and i saw boys playing soccer, mom playing with her kids in their house, guys eating in restaurants while teasing the government, children hate their foods, pakistanis walking happily with their friends after work, an aunty walking slowly down the stairs due to some illness, etc... suddenly a little squirrel crossed my path and it reminds me of Gaza, Syria and Rohingya. We are here living what we think an ordinary lives and they thought we were living a far more than beautiful lives. Like one of the poem i'd heard on, we cried because of we broke our love relationship, our children failed in exams, etc... we hate our government, nothing is going our ways, nothing is good for us. Everybody is doing the wrong thing. And yet we still live peacefully. We can walk along the street without being bombarded, we can eat and have quality times with our family and friends discussing our future, mom can always scold her children due to they did not doing things her way, dad still want what he wants even though it might jeopardize his health, a group of guys can always yell at the tv because they hated the government, friends fight because they were jealous of each others, etc... i stopped at a bus stop and drink my bottle of green tea with lemon and taled to the trees, i am so grateful i can still stroll around my resident and feel the cold breeze, and breath the free fresh air. I watch the cars pass me by, i feel so bless but am still lost. Why? I have plenty of time to get closer to my Creator, but i always think and said i have no time. I have time to chat with my friend over the phone and yet i have no time to do zikr and read the Quran. I have time to do solah, but still i rush in doing it and lack of focus. I don't know where i'm rushing to. While our darlings in Gaza benefit every minutes that they have in hands. Focus, istiqamah, determine. All because of Allah and Muhammad Rasulullah. We really are far from them. We donate because we cannot stand watching the vids and photos of kids being shot, blood pools everywhere, corps lying on the streets, etc... how many of us do it because of Allah? We take care of our parents because it's our responsibilities, mom gave birth to us, dad took care of us since day one. So we ought to repay by taking care of them when we grew up. Not because of Allah. We need to revisit our objective when we promised in front of Allah before we were born and in the world of ruh. I am saying all these more to myself than to you ;-)

Hopefully we can change to be a better person that we are today. Remember change starts with me. Giving is happiness.